TRM Pilates is a small studio in Walton on Thames offering 1:1 reformer and mat sessions.  I specialised in Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates, whilst also having experience in injury rehabilitation and general body care.

I also teach a 2:1 circuit style class using the mat and the reformer together.  This is a great way to exercise with a friend and get the benefits of the reformer while helping translate it to the mat.

My latest training program of HIP Pilates (High Intensity Power) Pilates – which is designed to get your heart rate up and get you moving while toning and strengthening through variations of squats, lunges and planks!

I also teach Buggyfit in Walton and Cobham!  It’s a great way to exercise with your little one along side you – no childcare, a chance to get outdoors, and a great place to meet other mums and feel great!  (And work up a sweat!)

I teach classes in Surrey as well, so please refer to my Classes page to know more.