About Me



I fell in love with Pilates when I started practicing to help with my sciatica.  I quickly saw results and realised how great I felt after a Pilates session.  I became a teacher, initially to help with injury rehabilitation but quickly realised how useful it can be to anyone.

While I was pregnant with my son, I practiced my Pilates exercises everyday.  It helped me stay strong and feel great throughout my pregnancy.  I minimised pain from all the physical changes in my body and I kept my body active and healthy.

Since the birth of my son, my body has changed even more, and I have found I need Pilates more than ever.  Whether it’s a few exercises while playing in the garden with my son or a full session, Pilates has helped me strengthen and mobilise muscles and joints that I’ve never used as much as I do now!

Because of my new found appreciation for everything we sacrifice as a mother, I’ve become passionate about helping other mothers.  I know what we are going through and I know how to help you!  I work closely with Nicky and Lisa the Women’s Health Physios on this site, to ensure we are doing the very best for you in-terms of regaining your strength safely and effectively.

Pilates is great for all abilities and can be started as soon as you feel ready.  It is never too late to start either! That is one of the best things about Pilates, it can help you at any stage in your life.